CNC drilling

  • working format: max. 750 mm x 650 mm
  • drilling tolerance (hole to hole): +/- 0,05 mm
  • drilling through holes (THT): diameter min. 0,1 mm, max. 6,4 mm
  • drilling blind vias: diameter min. 0,125 mm, depth accuracy +/- 0,025 mm
  • drilling burried vias on inner layers: diameter min. 0,1 mm, max. 6,4 mm



  • Schmoll Typ LM2 drilling machine*
  • Schmoll Typ MX2 drilling machine
  • Schmoll Typ E6 drilling machine
  • Schmoll Typ XRC Comby drill X-ray drilling machine
  • Schmoll Typ System 1 – 610 CCD drilling machine
  • Glenbrook RTX-113 System (R&D projects)
  • Schmoll Typ SPEEDMASTER HDI drilling machine
  • Schmoll Typ AUTO-SYSTEM-3 drilling machine


All machines have drilling depth control – depth (Z-axis) control (accuracy +/- 25 µm) and broken drill indicator.

Investing in your future


*The equipment was co-funded based on the Slovenian Entrepreneurial Fund’s public tender (Co-funding of new technological equipment in the years 2013 – 14).


CNC drilling


CNC drillingCNC drillingCNC drilling