Quality system

INTEC TIV, for 4 decades has been the biggest manufacturer of printed circuit boards in Slovenia. Caring for the quality of our products as well as the environment is one of our strategic guidelines. As a result we acquired the international ISO 9001 certificate for quality management systems in 1997 and ISO 14001 certificate for environmental management systems in 2007.

The company also obtained the UL Certificate ensuring our customers that all materials in our PCB production are high-quality and tested in internationally certified laboratories (UL No. E79481).


Quality and Environmental Policy of the Company

We have our own chemical laboratory. For specific analysis we also use external certified contractors. In accordance with costumers’ requirements we can check physical and measurement properties of boards at our physical laboratory and produce various relevant reports.
Traceability of all processes in the company is documented and provided through the quality management system.




Preserving the environment

In the PCB production line we take maximum care of the environment, in accordance with the international standard for environmental management ISO 14001. When choosing technologies we take into consideration the environmental influences and decide for the most economical and environmentally friendly solutions.
Our processes are optimized in order to conserve water as much as possible. We retain cooling water and reuse it later in the production line. Waste water and concentrates from baths of chemical copper are cleaned of environmentally toxic EDTA components. Waste concentrates, which include undissolved photo-resists and photo-imageable solder resist are treated in a special treatment process. Toxic organic substances are thereby eliminated and sent for burning. At the main wastewater treatment stage we use sulphide process of precipitation of heavy metals, which enables much lower residual concentrates of heavy metals in the outlet water than the legally permitted concentrate. Galvanic sludge waste, which is a by-product in the cleaning water procedure, is sent for metallurgic processing. Thereby the metals in it can be reused and therefore not polluting the environment.
The air that is withdrawn during extraction process from the machines and galvanization lines from the production is cleaned from fumes of toxic chemicals at the central waste air cleaning station, so that emitted air does not pollute the environment.
We are currently in the process of obtaining the international ISO 50001 certification for energy management as well as taking measurements for energy efficiency and acquiring the energy performance certificate of our building and production technology.


Our quality system