Solder resist

Permanent solder resist

  • IMAGECURE XV501T4 SunChemical photo sensitive solder resist (spray coating)
  • ELECTRA Emp 110/5215 W LED white, ELECTRA Emp 110/5410 TM HD red, blue, yellow, black photo sensitive solder resist (screen printing)
  • solder resist thickness on the edge of lines: min. 5 µm
  • solder resist bridge width: min. 75 µm (fine pitch design)
  • solder resist colour: semi matt green, shiny green, black, white, blue, yellow, red


Temporary solder resist / Peelable solder resist

  • type: SunChemical EPR5002 green peelable resist  CK10 (thermic and chemical processes)
  • peelable solder resist thickness on surface: ≥ 250 µm


Legend print

  • screen printing colour type: white, yellow, black
  • XV1300 SunChemical UV sensitive one-component colours
  • Orbotech Sprint 8 (AGFA DiPaMat white legend ink Wh04) digital legent print in white colour


Carbon paste

  • type: XZ 302-1 HV SunChemical
  • precondition: copper foil thickness: ≤ 17 µm, clean and deposit ready Cu surface
  • material: fine or coarse-grained carbon paste
  • electrical resistance: 20-30 Ohm/cm2 by 30 µm thick carbon paste



  • SCHMID MEC horizontal line for copper surface pre-treatment
  • AHK atomizer spraycoater 
  • BELTRON pre-drying machine (R&D projects)
  • Orbotech LP 7008XE film printing machine and G&J Multilane PRO film developing machine
  • Bacher FAPS 610 and Orc PROBIMER 340 illuminating machine
  • Direct imaging machine Schmoll MDI
  • Beltron IR horizontal oven
  • Box oven Končar
  • SVECIA Semimatic PCB semi-automatic screen printing machine
  • SVECIA Silkscrineer masciner AB UV oven


Permanent and temporary solder resist


Permanent and temporary solder resist Permanent and temporary solder resist