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HDI Design Rules

Specific market sectors require miniaturisation of printed circuit boards. This consequently means an increase in the density of components on the surface. To achieve this requirement, one of the solutions of CAD designers is HDI/SBU printed circuit boards. Due to the complexity of HDI/SBU boards, the quality of the CAD design itself is very important. It enables the manufacturer to produce PCB boards in a flowing and high quality manner. Some CAD design tips/recommendations are offered in the links below.

SBU Technology 

BGA Technology

Plugging Type 7 by IPC 4761

Blind vias

Stacked Vias

 Staggered Vias

 Blind Over Buried

 Buried via

 Trough hole

 Backdrilled hole with a controled depth

Technologies / Services

We fully understand your work. We strive for the highest standards of technology and industry in our business, ensuring you get full support for your projects.

We understand the importance of quality data processing and preparation before PCB production starts, to ensure a high quality end product.

For the pressing of multilayer PCBs, we use two electric presses ( BIEFFEBI, HML ) and two oil presses ( Bürkle ).

For the mechanical drilling of printed circuit boards, we use high-performance drilling and milling machines from SCHMOLL.

In the case of HDI-SBU boards with a high density of micro-holes with diameters below 0.15mm, we use laser drilling of the printed circuit board.

The positioning of the multilayer plates before drilling is carried out on the new SCHMOLL Type XRA3 DH160 ( l 2023 ).

DOW chemical copper, Atotech TLC electrolytic copper, Schlötter tin, Atotech Cuprapulse® XP8 – pulse copper plating, ( aspect ratio 1:12)

The THP 35 dual vacuum chamber hole filling machine was designed for PCB manufacturers involved in the production of high demanding HDI/SBU boards.

The complexity of the SBU/HDI boards requires the use of a laser illuminator to illuminate the circuit layout directly on the board.

The increasing complexity of the circuit dictated the need for an additional AOI system to allow inspection of the conductors and insulations from 25µm.

Soldermask cover, temporary solder cover, silkprint, carbon paste…

Automated electroplating line for chemical Ni/Au and chemical Ag, automated electroplating line for hard gold, combined manual line for OSP

HAL lead free Penta, HAL with lead Quicksilver

The ATG Model:A7a automatic test system allows us to test very demanding flex circuits with its flexibility and tensioning frame.

All Schmoll milling machines are equipped with a CCD camera and software that automatically calculates “scale” factor.

Since 2019, we have been using a new CNC scoring machine. The machine features a YASKAWA automatic robotic arm for loading and unloading boards, and a CCD camera.

Microsection, soldering points, surface insulation resistance test, thermal tests, metal coating thickness measurement, etc.

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