X-RAY positioning

The positioning of the multilayer boards prior to drilling is carried out on the new SCHMOLL Type XRA3 DH160 ( l 2023 ). With the help of an X-ray camera and software, the device allows a precise inspection of the loading of the composite of the multilayer circuit board, the positioning of the starting hole and the determination of the ‘scale’ factor.

The test points on the inner layers can be used to analyse the shrinkage or expanding of the individual layers. The data generated is stored in a database and is taken into account for new orders with a similar multi-layer panel composition.


  • Schmoll XRA3 DH 160 drilling and positioning machine

Technical characteristics:

  • Maximum working size: 711mm x 762mm (28″ x 30″)
  • Possibility to drill through holes and blind holes on panels without clamping pins ( vacuum table )
  • Drilling accuracy: +/- 12 µm (Process accuracy <12 µm)