CNC drilling

For the mechanical drilling of printed circuit boards, we use high-performance drilling and scoring machines from Schmoll. All drilling and scoring machines have linear drive and reciprocating motors, which ensures a high level of drilling accuracy (+/-0.05mm).

They have controlled depth drilling with +/-25 um accuracy and a drill break indicator. High performance spindles (up to 250k rpm) allow micro drilling down to a minimum diameter of 0.1mm.

New in the company

are Schmoll type MODUL-250-DH-CCD modular drilling and milling systems, which have the following characteristics:

  • Dual-spindle (drilling and milling spindle) machine with linear drive and feed motors
  • High-performance drilling spindle: 250k rpm
  • High torque milling spindle : 5k-130k rpm
  • Drilling and milling with depth control using contact surface sensing
  • HD camera with target registration solutions for multilayer circuits
  • Flip drilling
  • Back drilling of plated holes
  • Drilling SBU structures (stacked vias)
  • Automatic loading and unloading system for automatic machine operation


  • Drilling and milling machine Schmoll Type Modul-250-DH-CCD (6x)
  • Drilling machine Schmoll Type E6
  • Drilling machine Schmoll Type SPEEDMASTER HDI
  • Drilling machine Schmoll Type AUTO-SYSTEM-3
  • Glenbrook RTX-113 X-Ray System (R-R projects)

Technical characteristics:

  • Maximum working format: 650mm x 750mm (26″ x 29″)
  • Drilling accuracy: +/- 0.05 mm
  • Drilling depth accuracy (blind holes): +/-0.025mm
  • Drilling diameters: min. 0.1 mm and 6.5 mm diameters