• automated electroplating line for chemical Ni/Au and chemical Ag deposition
  • automated electroplating line for the deposition of solid Ni/Au
  • Combined manual line for OSP
  • HAL Lead-free Penta
  • HAL with lead Quicksilver

Technical characteristics:

  • ENIG coating thickness: Au: min. 0.05 µm, Ni: min. 3.0 µm
  • hard gold selective, contact: Au deposit thickness: min. 0.2 µm (cobalt-alloyed hard gold)
  • Selective application of Sn/Pb (HAL lead free)
  • Selective application of Sn (HAL without lead)
  • chemical tin: Sn coating thickness: 0.6 – 1.2 µm
  • chemical nickel plating
  • OSP (Organic Surface Protection)
  • Chemical silver: Ag coating thickness: 0.2 – 0.4 µm
Note: Surface treatment is only carried out on the circuit boards.