Assembly and use

In cooperation with ProPlace d.o.o., we offer our customers a complete product of electronic components, from the design and manufacture of printed circuit boards to the installation of components and electronic assembly, together with programming and testing.

Using our printed circuit boards

In cooperation with ProPlace d.o.o., we offer a complete solution. From print design and production, to (installation of) component fitting and testing of the final products.

Applications for our printed circuit boards and finished products

Collaborating with institutes and universities to research and develop new technologies for a better future for all humanity.

Medicine: radiation devices for early cancer detection.

Energy: bipolar plate for converting chemical energy into electricity. Using hydrogen in an electrolytic cell and a bipolar plate, it is possible to create a reversible process for converting the chemical energy of hydrogen into electrical energy.

Artificial intelligence: intelligent electronic devices for everyday use enable higher levels of personal safety, energy savings, practicality and flexibility. Special solutions for people with disabilities become feasible.

Science: the linear accelerator at CERN. This accelerates electrically charged fundamental particles to high speeds by harnessing electric and magnetic fields. Studying high-energy collisions opens new chapters in our understanding of the Universe.

Living units: adapting the ambience to the user’s needs, including through furniture.

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Space technologyMilitary technologySecurity and surveillance
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Weather stationsSmart home appliances