Decades of experience, know-how and the development of technologically advanced production lines are the basis of our production of High Density Interconnect (HDI) printed circuit boards. With our high level of development and technologically innovative solutions, we are setting new standards that push the boundaries of what is possible and thus stimulate the progress of the electronic and electrical industry in domestic and other highly demanding foreign markets.

As one of the key players in printed circuit board manufacturing in Europe, we are in the process of AS 9100 D certification, which will provide an even more reliable source of technology development for our customers. Our company’s core values are based on transparency, reliability, responsiveness and partnership.


INTEC TIV dates back to 1973. At the beginning of its existence, we mainly produced single-sided printed circuit boards for the companies of the ISKRA business system, the backbone of the Slovenian electrical and electronics industry.

IBM Germany

In 1983, IBM Germany selected INTEC TIV as its strategic partner. This relationship allowed us to build on our experience and develop technologies for the production of complex printed circuit boards. In the 1990s, we expanded our product sales to European markets.

INTECTIV Deutschland GmbH

In 1985, we founded a company in Germany, now called INTEC TIV Deutschland GmbH. Our presence in the demanding German market has given us an outstanding experience in international trade, both in the export of products and the import of raw materials.

Technological renovation

In 2000, the company underwent a technological and organisational overhaul with a new majority owner, the Slovenian company ELGOLINE d.o.o.. A major investment in new technological equipment opened the door for the company to deal with the most demanding customers.

INTECTIV Asian Pacific Ltd.
PCB tiskana vezja

In 2005, we set up our subsidiary INTEC TIV Asian Pacific Ltd. to import finished products and raw materials from the Far East.

New strategy

In 2008, we decided to go to the cutting edge of printed circuit board technology. A new strategy and extensive investments in equipment have allowed the company to specialise in prototyping and the production of highly complex printed circuit boards.


Today, we export more than half of our products to Germany, Austria and Switzerland, where we meet the needs of the most demanding customers. Intectiv's strategy is primarily based on the development and modernisation of technology for the production of HDI boards. Our main strengths are high-tech production and expertise, continuous improvement and development, and seamless customer support with fast and high-quality production.

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