For the pressing of multilayer plates, we use two electric presses (BIEFFEBI, HML) and two oil presses (Bürkle). The oil presses allow the pressing of special PTFE and PTFE ceramic materials, which require higher temperatures (up to 250ºC) and higher pressures (up to 35Kp/cm2). The distribution of temperature and pressure per plate is optimal.


  • Bürkle LAMV 125 2 deck vacuum press
  • Bürkle LAMV 125 4 deck vacuum press
  • BIEFFEBI STATOPRESS 136/3 3 deck vacuum press
  • 2 stage vaccum press HML LP3000- VK

Technical characteristics:

  • Maximum working format: 550mm x 650mm (22″ x 26″)
  • Bonding of intermediate layers by welding (bonding)
  • Inner layer thickness: min. 0.05 mm
  • Insulation between the two inner layers: min. 0.058 mm
  • Thickness of composite after pressing: min. 0.3 mm, max. 5.0 mm